Founder & CEO of T4B Advisory

A reliable and enthusiastic business woman

Elena is of Italian nationality and education, with more than 20 years experience in International Business Development and Consultancy for companies internationalization.

She approaches the GCC market in 2009, and moves to the United Arab Emirates back in 2011.

A competent multi-lingual manager, she sets ambitious goals starting from the operational effectiveness, the working knowledge and expertise of company operations across the Gulf.

The last decade she got in contact and consolidated experience in very dinamic enviroments: architecture, interior design, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, luxury projects, dealing with the key-characters of the mega-projects in the Gulf area.

She is member of important organisations: Dubai Business Women Council, European Women Association, Female Fusion Circle.

Elena believes that the Vision of the Middle Eastern  Leaders is challenging and  inspiring.


Values first. 

Elena and her team execute projects using high standards of integrity and clarity, relying on strong network channels. Producing market exposure and visibility for clients is paramount with an aim for long term success. Exemplary strategies, ethical tactics and culturally appropriate actions are put in place to match with new consumers in the Gulf


Elena came to this point curating sustainable partnerships and connecting companies in Europe, with the Middle East and Asia. From the very beginning, back in 2005, she used research-based methods to meet client’s requirements in terms of diversifying and extending their portfolios and services, internationally. Recently, between 2016 

and 2020, generated profit-oriented collaborations between at least 10 European SMEs and 40 prime companies in the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. Majority of her clients were European vendors, specialist manufacturers of school and office furniture, libraries and playgrounds. First, she starts with a readiness assessment of the client, ensuring that the requisite criterion 

for business is met, and matches the suitability of products or services to the Gulf market. Then, she promptly prepares first-class business plans, tactically identifying the relevant niche and documentation and strategies to begin the process of building professional bridges. To close successfully, she gets to negotiation and advocacy to achieve premium deliverables



“I was 10 y.o. when I decided to become a WORLD CITIZEN”